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Employee Engagement

We believe that

  • Each individual makes a difference in and to the working environment.
  • Employee development is not just about acquiring skills to solve specific problems. It is about addressing challenges and expanding perspectives.
  • Continual personal development is as much an employee's obligation as it is for supervisors, executives, and managers.
  • Building human competencies and capabilities is critical to our continued growth and success.
  • Every employee should be intellectually and emotionally engaged in his/her work in order to meet departmental and professional goals.

ADVIK lays high importance to people development at all levels to meet present and future challenges. We develop our people's talents and encourage them to give their best at work and in their personal lives. We are committed to enabling our people to grow, and empower them to be creative in a culture of trust and confidence.

People involvement is the foundation for success at ADVIK. We aim to become the 'preferred employer' in the auto component-manufacturing sector. We are fulfilling this through our initiatives of employee involvement, satisfaction, and development.

We at ADVIK celebrate several events with our employees, helping them to create stronger, interpersonal, and professional relationships. Birthdays of employees and departmental gatherings bring people together and create better cohesiveness. Festivals are celebrated with a lot of colour and enthusiasm. Picnics and sports activities are also regular features for our employees.

We believe in reaching out to the families of our employees. We also create strong bonds between the families and the company through various engagement initiatives:
  • We organize an annual ADVIK families event, in which all employees and their families participate. Family members are encouraged to visit the factory on these occasions.
  • We also organize workshops for children.

ADVIK organizes the little Edison workshop at the ADVIK Campus. The aim of the workshop is to discover the budding electrical engineer in a child. This camp is specially designed for children in the age group of 8 to 14 years wherein they learn the basics of electricity through practical working models. This experimental learning workshop builds curiosity along with the spirit of innovation, social skills, etc.

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