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Work Culture

We at ADVIK take pride in creating an open environment where employees have the opportunity to learn, implement, and demonstrate excellence. We encourage a culture of growth, where learning and personal enrichment are given immense importance.

Employees are appreciated and rewarded for demonstrating responsibility and achieving excellence in their work. Employees are given the opportunity to participate in planning and performance budgeting activities. They are encouraged to provide solutions that help in plan realization.

We cultivate a community feeling within the company, where employees feel an integral part of the brand. We foster an atmosphere where care and concern for individuals is a priority.

Workplace Behaviour


  • Delivers on commitment
  • Works through difficult conditions to get results
  • Works collaboratively with others
  • Embraces change


  • Performs to the best of his/her ability
  • Holds self and subordinates accountable for making principled decisions, actions, and inactions
  • Follows through & meets commitments to others on time
  • Takes extraordinary efforts to meet internal/external customer needs

Aim for Perfection

  • Clear understanding of goals
  • Detailed planning, execution, and review
  • Culture of 'First Time Right'
  • Zero tolerance


  • Makes ethically correct decisions
  • Is truthful and transparent
  • Treats company resources with the same respect as one's belongings
  • Treats people with dignity & respect regardless of their cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Sensitive to time and confidentiality of information


  • Communicates openly and respectfully with other team members
  • Engages in continuous learning opportunities to further develop skills and capabilities
  • Actively listens to others to understand their point of


  • Possesses determination to achieve goals
  • Focuses on the means as much as on the result
  • Consistently raises his/her own standard
  • Enjoys one's work
  • Possesses a drive to achieve perfection
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