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Operation Excellence

ADVIK manufactures products to provide the following solutions to our customers:

  • Manufacturing of parts as per customer need
  • Low lead time in terms of design changes & implementation on shop floor
  • Fast response to customers in case of any issue pertaining to delivery or quality

We meet requirements as agreed with the customer in terms of quality and delivery. Our achievements include zero line loss in the last 12 years due to supply of good quality material and timely deliveries. Our biggest contributing factor is meeting product requirements with zero defects. We achieve this by concentrating on operational efficiencies and manufacturing costs in terms of output.

The Operations department mainly consists of two sections:

We produce more than 24 million assemblies every year. We have around 15 different product categories and many variants in each category. Our team comprises 800 team members and 300 machines. We make continuous improvements to reduce manufacturing costs and sustain our goal of profitable growth.

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